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      Samgyeopsal Koran pork barbecue


      Samgyeopsal – Korean cuisine

      Samgyeopsal!! The Korean barbecue meal Samgyeopsal is fried pig belly, which is particularly popular in the country. Samgyeopsal is a popular pork dish in Korea, and it is considered to be the best in the country. Samgyeopsal is a delicious dish to serve during a gathering. It is quite easy to cook, and it is very handy to eat from a common dish when you do so.

      The Samgyeopsal recipe is really straightforward. All that is required is that the meat is fried on the Korean

      BBQ Grill until it is done on both sides. It is served with a side of fresh pajori salad and spicy sauce from the Ssamjang region.

      You may get sliced pork for samgyeopsal from a grocery store or butcher shop if you live in Korea. You may, however, use a standard pork belly tenderloin for this recipe. It is essential to remove the skin and cut the meat like thick bacon – between 0.5 cm and 1 cm thick. A pre-frozen chunk of pork is the quickest and most convenient method to cut tiny slices.


      Here is a classic Korean recipe for samgyeopsal (barbecued pork belly), which you can cook at home using the ingredients listed below.

      Ingredients – Samgyeopsal:

      • pork belly (fresh or frozen) – 1.5 kg,
      • leaf lettuce – 1 bunch,
      • long cucumber – 1 pc.,
      • carrots – 2 pcs.,
      • green chili peppers – 7-8 pcs.,
      • onion – 1 pc.,
      • garlic – 12 cloves,
      • sesame oil.
      • ssamjan sauce,
      • pajori salad,

      Recipe – Samgepsal:

      1. Pork belly should be cut into tiny pieces that are up to 1 cm thick. Place the ingredients on a big platter and place them in the refrigerator.
      2. Cubes of cucumber and carrots, sliced into strips Garlic should be cut into quarters. Cut the onion into four pieces lengthwise (should get 4 round pieces). Place the veggies on a serving tray and set aside.
      3. Prepare the grill or skillet by preheating it. Pour a little sesame oil on top for flavour.
      4. One slice of pork should be used to grease the pan’s surface, and then the remaining meat should be distributed on top. Fry the meat until it is golden brown and crispy on both sides, starting with one side and then the other. It is preferable to cook the meat for a short period of time over high heat. As a result, the meat liquid will not be lost. It is preferable not to flip the meat too often throughout the frying process in order to prevent the meat from losing its flavour. Some experts believe it is ideal to just flip the meat once throughout the cooking process.
      5. Toss cooked pieces onto a serving platter once they have been removed from the grill. It is possible for guests to eat nibbles straight off this platter or from the grill.
      6. Samgepsal is often consumed in the following manner: a lettuce leaf is put on a plate or in the palm of the hand. On top of it, place a slice of grilled pork. Served with ssamjang sauce, grilled onion or garlic, and a side of pajori salad. Yummy! The lettuce leaf is then folded up and delivered straight to the mouth without the need for biting.


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